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A Heart2Heart Conversation about Writing and Publishing

Click on the image or link to listen to a heart2heart conversation about writing and publishing connected to Marian Clark's new novel, These Doors.

About Marian Clark, the writer: After ten years she decided to pursue writing and in 1985 enrolled in The Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She received her MFA in 1987, the same year she won the Iowa Art Council’s First Place Fiction Award for ‘Houseboats and Peacock Feathers.’ Though she’s lived in Iowa for more than fifty years and calls it home, she’s saved room in her heart for Oregon with its firs and mountains and memories that have formed her. And it’s in that landscape that These Doors was born. As in small towns across the country, in an era when cell phones were science fiction and landline service spotty, the local store whose doors swung wide, was a community’s ears and voice.

About Mikesch Muecke, Chief Editor at Culicidae Press: Mikesch holds degrees from the University of Florida and Princeton University. When he’s not knee-deep into publishing, he teaches design studios, history/theory seminars, and courses on digital applications in the Architecture Department at Iowa State University.

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