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A Heart2Heart with an Adoptee & Disability Advocate

Click on the link to listen to a heart2heart conversation with Marianne May Russell. Marianne and her twin sister were born in Omaha, Nebraska and lived with their birth mom for a period of time before they moved in with foster parents. When Marianne and her sister were two years old, they were adopted by a family living in Ames, Iowa. Marianne, who is now 27 years old, loves being adopted and sharing her story to let others know that there are wonderful families out there who are waiting to adopt wonderful kids.

In addition, listen to the music breaks provided by Roads. This band is based in Portland, Oregon and founded by Ian Vidovic. The meaning behind the band is that everyone has their own path in life. Our own roads capture the changes, the unexpected and the experiences we face. All of our paths may be different but we can still relate to each other and understand that experience.

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