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Ames Noon Kiwanis Club


Mission: Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to
improving the world, one child, and one community at a time.

Heart2Heart Message

Bob Currie, Club President

How would you introduce yourself to a stranger living in Hemel
Hempstead, England?

My name is Bob Currie, you guessed it, from the United States, born
and raised in Iowa.  No potatoes, lots of corn, soybeans, livestock, farm
equipment. Great universities, Iowa State University and University of
Iowa to name a few.

Why did you choose to become a member of the Ames Noon Kiwanis

I like giving back to the community.  Raising a family, many of the youth programs were supported by service clubs. Being on the receiving end
of this support, I felt obligated to give back.

What is your favorite part of being a member of the Ames Noon
Kiwanis Club?

Experiencing the delight and smiles on people’s faces who are receiving
community support. 

Do you have a favorite event, project, or program?

Teen Maze, an experiential learning activity hosted by Youth and Sheltered Services, for middle school-age youth.
It’s amazing what our youth are experiencing via on-line technologies,
some of which aren’t healthy. Teen Maze provides healthy alternatives.

Can you speak to one of the core Objects of Kiwanis and what it
means to you?

Improving the lives of children. Kiwanis is global with more than half a million members in 80 countries. Ames clubs serve the Ames community and surrounding county. Internationally, Kiwanis takes on large scale challenges like eliminating iodine deficiency and maternal neonatal tetanus.

Why did you decide to serve as the President?

We’ve had wonderful leadership members who mentored me
throughout the years.   Their service to Kiwanis, our membership, and
to me is appreciated. I felt I needed to do my part, to give back to our club by joining the board of directors and becoming an officer. I’m honored to say this is my second time serving as President.

Why do you think people should join a service club?

Why not?  Helping others build better communities and improve
people’s lives. Service clubs provide these opportunities and provide a
fellowship for members who enjoy this very purpose. I am sensitive of late, to racial inequalities, how do we contribute to the community, how does Kiwanis contribute to the community.  Start by not
contributing to inequalities, then educating oneself, then asking
questions about experiences and challenges, then listening to the
oppressed, then supporting the oppressed, then take action to change
what is not right? 

Can you share how you conclude the meeting?

I can’t say this originated with me, but I do like this part, I end our weekly meetings with a quote, be it inspiring, uplifting, funny, or witty, to leave a smile on member's faces. 

Thank you, Bob, for taking the time to chat with us about your experience
with the Ames Noon Kiwanis Club – we appreciate you, and I will see
you this Friday at our weekly Zoom meeting!

I selected Andra Day’s song, Stand Up for Something featuring Common
for the song to match to our conversation.

To all those who are standing up for something in this world, I dedicate
these lyrics to you:

You can have all the money in your hands
All the possessions anyone can ever have
But it's all worthless treasure, true worth is only measured
Not by what you got, but what you got in your heart
You can have, you can have everything

But what does it, what does it mean?

It all means nothing
If you don't stand up for something
You can't just talk the talk
You got to walk that walk, yes you do
It all means nothing
If you don't stand up for something
And I stand up for you
And I stand up for you, yes I will, yes I will

Thank you again, Bob Currie, for spending time with us – and for
Standing up For Something in our community, your leadership for the
Ames Noon Kiwanis Club, and your commitment to making a