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A Heart2Heart for foster children and adoptees

Click on the link to listen to a heart2heart conversation with Lindsay and Quatez who share their stories about foster care. Lindsay will talk about her journey from childless by choice to her first ever grocery haul (including ice cream!) as a mom for the two children she and her husband are adopting from foster care. Quatez will share his story about being a foster child who, even when other gave up on him, didn’t give up on himself.

In addition, listen to a song by Roads. This band is based in Portland, Oregon and founded by Ian Vidovic. The meaning behind the band is that everyone has their own path in life. Our own roads capture the changes, the unexpected and the experiences we face. All of our paths may be different but we can still relate to each other and understand that experience.

This Heart2Heart will leave you in inspired by their stories, experiences, and the resources that these two guests will share to help us know that it is never too late to experience love in this world.

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