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A  Heart2Heart with Tina Bakehouse

Prepare Your Mind

In 2007, I wanted an instructor position at a local university. My mentor said, “It will be hard. There’s lots of competition just to get an interview.” With lots of work, I landed the coveted interview.


That was only half of it. Now, I had to prove myself as the ideal candidate for the position. I became consumed with preparing my mind.


While preparing content prior to a presentation is essential (you must have something to talk about), your mind can affect and influence your message.


To prepare your mind you must:


Visualize success

Engage in positive self-talk

Practice, practice, practice.


Two weeks prior to this interview, I visualized standing in a classroom, teaching and connecting with college students.


I visualized answering questions thoughtfully. When the day came for my 8-hour interview, I felt calm, prepared, and ready.


When I felt a moment of insecurity or negative thinking, I paused, and changed my thought.


Instead, my mind said, “You got this!

You’re here. They want you here.”

“It’s a conversation to connect.”


These positive thoughts guided my verbal messaging to connect with department.


Weeks later, I got the exciting news: the university selected me as their new communication studies instructor!


These skills didn’t just happen overnight.

It takes practice.

Lots of practice.

Every day.

All the time.


Changing your mind chatter is a life-changer. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking and feeling more aligned and intentional to your authentic style.


Make your mind a daily practice.


Ready to craft a keynote or share your story? Reach out to me for a discovery call, so we can connect to uplevel your speaker style. If you want help telling you or your organization’s story or communicate with ease, I can help you in a 3, 6, or 12-month signature communication coaching program. For more information, check out my website: TinaBakehouse.com or follow me on LinkedIn or my Tina B. LLC Facebook page and Youtube Channel: Effective Communication with Tina B.

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Carole Pluckrose

Carole has spent her life working in the creative arts, as a performer, director, and writer.


In the early part of her career as an actor, she traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America. This was a particularly rich and sometimes frightening career beginning, which involved covert political performances in East Germany, Poland, and then Czechoslovakia before the fall of communism.

In 1984 she co-founded Arc Theatre, a young people's theatre company where she directed over 40 plays, touring into theatres and schools throughout the UK and internationally. During this time the company won a number of awards which put us firmly on the creative map.


In 2014 Carole left Arc to set up the Boathouse Creative Studios, an arts venue in London to create a platform and incubation space for emerging artists. Alongside this, Carole is working on her current play,  Notes from Dad’s Room, and since COVID-19 she is developing an online version of the play to be showcased shortly.

Carole broadcasts a weekly piece with a chosen poem reflecting her mood and sense of what is happening currently in the world. Carole finds tremendous solace in literature -  poetry is a great place to take refuge in these challenging times. 

"It's an artist's duty to reflect the times in which we live." -Nina Simone

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Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D

Karen M.R. Townsend, Ph.D. is president of KTownsend Consulting—an organizational development firm offering expertise in leadership development and 21 st Century diversity. Dr. Karen works with leaders to create inclusive environments and build strong teams so they can effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their diverse clients and customers.


A certified diversity educator thought leader and recognized subject matter expert, Dr. Karen’s programs highlight the importance of not simply recognizing organizational diversity, but also leveraging the potential, talent, and skills of every person. Dr. Karen serves on the board of directors for the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and the Miami Valley Fair Housing Center.


She is a member of the Diversity Advisory Council for The Dayton Business Journal and the Community Advisory Board for the Dayton Daily News. Dr. Karen has written a number of articles on diversity and inclusion that have been featured in local, regional, and

national publications and media outlets.


Dr. Karen is also the founder of About My Sisters—an organization “on a mission to empower one million women and girls.”  In 2018, her annual conference, Sister To Sister, celebrated its 25th Anniversary and was recognized as one of the longest-running women’s events in the United States. Dr. Karen has shared her message of women’s empowerment internationally in the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Johannesburg, South Africa. 


Lekeisha Veasley

Lekeisha Veasley is the Community Inclusion Strategist for Veridian Credit Union. Prior
to taking the Community Inclusion Strategist position, Ms. Veasley was employed with
Operation Threshold Community Action Agency. During her time of employment, she served in
various positions such as Agency Data Manager, Director of Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, and Housing and Fair Lending Program Manager.


Ms. Veasley received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science and International
Relations from Wartburg College and a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Northern Iowa. She is also a Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP) for demonstrating mastery in 21 st century leadership, management, and addressing the causes of poverty.


Lekeisha has a Housing Development Finance Professional Certification from the National Development Council. Ms. Veasley possesses a Community Lending & Homeownership Professional Certification from NeighborWorks Training Institute. Lekeisha earned a certification as a Results Oriented Management Accountability (ROMA) Trainer also.


Ms. Veasley served on numerous committees/boards focused on affordable housing, anti-
poverty initiatives, community reinvestment, and financial education. Lekeisha is currently the
board secretary for Iowa Habitat for Humanity and a board member for Iowa Able Foundation.


Ms. Veasley has also served on the advisory council for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des
Moines. She was the Board President of the Iowa Homeownership Education Project and a board member of the Highway 63 Community Development Corporation. Ms. Veasley was selected for the Iowa Credit Union League (ICUL) 2020 Iowa Innovation Group. She was chosen for Veridian Credit Union‘s Emerging Leaders Group in 2020.


Ms. Veasley managed multiple Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sponsored Volunteer
Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites for thirteen years have provided free tax preparation
services for low-income families in 3 county service areas (Black Hawk, Buchanan, Grundy).
Over the course of ten years, the program has helped keep millions of dollars within the
communities served by providing free tax preparation and financial education to families. As the site coordinator, she recruited, trained; managed volunteers while ensuring compliance and accuracy of tax preparation of the tax returns e-filed to the IRS.

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Angela Weekley

is a lifelong resident of Waterloo and a member of the Salvation Army Corps (church).  Her life mission is to live by the Joy principle (Jesus first, yourself last, and others in between). Angela actively seeks opportunities to live in her God-given purpose both personally and professionally. She is grateful to engage with the listeners of “Heart to Heart Messages.”

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Claire Steele

A Magical Muse

I have worked as a creative writing facilitator and tutor for more than twenty years. I believe that a creative life enables us to attend to the extraordinary vividness of the world and discover the universal truths about what it means to be human.


Magical Journeys creative writing workshops: weekly workshops designed to promote creative flow and generate story ideas. Each workshop is uniquely devised and the aim is to foster confidence, release story, and make surprising discoveries. 


Magical Journeys: Creative Connections: zoom writing workshops teaching creative flow. These workshops, initiated as a response to Covid19, have attracted people from across the globe, with people connecting across time zones and geographical boundaries. Groups regularly include people from Holland, the USA, Vancouver, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand; and in Britain: London, Kent, Oxford, Edinburgh, Cumbria, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire. We come together in the online space and make of it something that is both expansive and intimate. From the confines of lockdown, we embark upon deep creative journeys that take us way beyond the boundaries under which we are constrained.

Love Letters to the World this was a community writing project, as a response to Covid19, devised by Carole Pluckrose and myself, to make a creative space that encouraged people to write and then took that writing out into the world. The project enabled a flourishing community of writers to develop new skills, experiment with new forms, and engage with new writers. The liaison between this project and Heart2Heart Messages, another Covid19 initiative, enabled work produced for LLTW to be broadcast internationally.

Magical Journeys Creative Writing Retreats: I run annual writing retreats to India, Morocco, Turkey, Scotland, and Italy. The retreats are designed to be both restorative and uplifting. They offer a revelatory time of creative pleasure, peace, space, and the inspiration to rekindle and affirm a powerful writing practice. This year in July, in response to having had to cancel the forthcoming retreats, I ran an online virtual retreat to Istanbul for two days which involved writing workshops, historical tours of the city, sufi dancing, and cooking together online with a chef who created a bespoke 9-course scribes’ mezze for us. This November (27/28) I am running a virtual retreat to India writing in Kerala and Rajasthan, drifting along the backwaters, gin cocktails in the Wind Palace, kathakali dancing, and feasting like Maharanis.

Constellations: This is a ten-month writing course devised to enable people to develop a substantial piece of work. Each month, every writer receives a substantive, structural edit upon their submitted work, regular written feedback on their work highlighting issues such as voice, timing, and thematic issues; dedicated sessions designed specifically to support their work – these are a mix of creative solutions and nuts-and-bolts focus on the craft of writing.

You can find me on Facebook www.facebook.com/magicalwritingjourneys

Instagram: @magicaljourneysclaire 

and my website: www.magicalwritingjourneys@weebly.com

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Sam Wilder

Coaching Positivity & Authenticity

Sam Wilder has a strong passion for personnel development and takes great pride in the success many of his former employees have achieved in their careers. It is no surprise that he has become a successful career coach and strategic planning expert. His ten-year radio career included success as a program director and on-air personality in the Midwest.

He began his sales career in marketing as a sales representative and worked his way into ownership of Val Pak and Reach magazine in Dayton Ohio.


He is also the Founder and Executive Publisher of Housetrends Magazine and Positive365.com. His wide range of experience as a creative resource and manager makes him uniquely qualified as a business coach and consultant.


Sam shared his Heart2Heart Message with Anna Banana in an interview. They had a fun conversation about how to be your best version of yourself - keep positive - and listened to the upbeat song picked for his message!


To contact Sam Wilder: 614.506.8474 or swilder@jam-creative.com

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Raymond Obstfeld

Behind the Author

Raymond Obstfeld is a writer of poetry, non-fiction, fiction, and screenplays as well as a professor of English at Orange Coast College. He lives in California.

Obstfeld has authored or co-authored nearly 50 books. Since 2007, he has been co-author to eight books with NBA basketball legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Obstfeld has twice been nominated for the NAACP Image Award, having won once. He has also been nominated for an Edgar A. Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Dead Heat.

Early in his writing career, Obstfeld wrote under several pseudonyms (Pike Bishop, Carl Stevens, Jason Frost) because he wrote different genres. After writing over a dozen thrillers, Westerns, and occult novels, he decided to return to mainstream literary fiction that he had written in graduate school. Because he’d already achieved some fame as a mystery writer, he decided to write his new novel under the name Laramie Dunaway. The novel, Hungry Women, was written from the points of view of four women friends. It was published by Warner Books without anyone at the publishing house knowing Obstfeld was a man. The novel went on to great success, being published internationally. Laramie Dunaway published two more novels before informing Warner of his gender. The publisher decided to publish Obstfeld’s next novel, Earth Angel, under his real name.

Source: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/47928.Raymond_Obstfeld

Heart2Heart Message Raymond Obstfeld Introduction

I was in a car accident which left me without a car and to add insult to injury, my phone was also destroyed beyond repair.  Now, I should say that I am very lucky as I shudder to think if there had been passengers or if my dog had been in the car at the time. I am also fortunate that my injuries did not involve broken bones or bleeding.

So I have been spending my time counting my blessings, but the reality of the inconvenience and stress of being in an accident of that magnitude remains.

And in my own little way of dealing with things, I put into google the key words car accident and poem and by this method, I was introduced to a poem by Karl Shapiro titled Auto Wreck.

I read the poem and it gave me shivers as it captured how the accident spins you into a loss of control, catapults you into a heightened state of fear, and thrusts you into the depths of existential angst.

And then I did some further research and found Orange Coast College English instructor’s Raymond Obstfeld’s website that presented a study of Karl Shapiro’s “Auto Wreck” from 1942, and how the poem could be connected to the 2020 pandemic…and for me, the car accident in June nearly two weeks ago.

Well, I was so excited with the connections that I hurriedly shot off an email requesting the poetry blogger to call into the KHOI studio and read Karl Shapiro’s poem and he said yes…..but I confess I didn’t do any research until this past Saturday and discovered exactly who I invited to join us for tonight’s Heart2Heart Messages.

Raymond Obstfeld’s Heart2Heart Message

Auto Wreck" by Karl Shapiro



Its quick soft silver bell beating, beating, And down the dark one ruby flare Pulsing out red light like an artery, The ambulance at top speed floating down Past beacons and illuminated clocks Wings in a heavy curve, dips down, And brakes speed, entering the crowd. The doors leap open, emptying light; Stretchers are laid out, the mangled lifted And stowed into the little hospital. Then the bell, breaking the hush, tolls once. And the ambulance with its terrible cargo Rocking, slightly rocking, moves away, As the doors, an afterthought, are closed. We are deranged, walking among the cops Who sweep glass and are large and composed. One is still making notes under the light. One with a bucket douches ponds of blood Into the street and gutter. One hangs lanterns on the wrecks that cling, Empty husks of locusts, to iron poles. Our throats were tight as tourniquets, Our feet were bound with splints, but now, Like convalescents intimate and gauche, We speak through sickly smiles and warn With the stubborn saw of common sense, The grim joke and the banal resolution. The traffic moves around with care, But we remain, touching a wound That opens to our richest horror. Already old, the question Who shall die? Becomes unspoken Who is innocent? For death in war is done by hands; Suicide has cause and stillbirth, logic; And cancer, simple as a flower, blooms. But this invites the occult mind, Cancels our physics with a sneer, And spatters all we knew of denouement Across the expedient and wicked stones.


Anna Banana’s Heart2Heart Message Music

I match the Heart2Heart message with a piece of music and was tempted to pick Paul Simon’s song, "I Know What I Know" but figured as I found this at the end of the blog, that you would give me a C- for lack of effort and just pure laziness….


So I selected David Bowie’s song, Always Crashing in the Same Car for the song to match to this poem.


Let’s give it a little listen, shall we?  And again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading for us, talking about the poem, world events, and life. It was truly a pleasure.


To all those who are speeding around, making mistakes, making the same mistake, and learning from life’s mistakes, I dedicate these lyrics to you:


Every chance, every chance that I take
I take it on the road
Those kilometers and the red lights
I was always looking left and right
Oh, but I'm always crashing in the same car


Thank you again Professor Obstfeld for spending time with us – giving us lots to ponder. You can find more of Professor Obstfeld’s poems at Poemsthatmove.com or find his books to purchase on Amazon.